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Employee owners of SRC Holdings receive 2022 Michael Cardone Leadership Award

The award recognizes individuals and companies who demonstrate exceptional leadership in the remanufacturing community

Southfield, Mich.—The employee owners of SRC Holdings Corp. are the recipient of the 2022 Michael Cardone Leadership Award. The award, presented by MERA – The Association for Sustainable Manufacturing, recognizes individuals and companies who demonstrate exceptional leadership in the remanufacturing community.

MERA President and COO John Chalifoux, along with MERA founding Chairman Michael Cardone Jr., presented the award on Sept. 29, at the MERA Sustainable Manufacturing Conference in metro Detroit. At the conference, they highlighted the legacy of the Cardone family and recognized the employee owners of SRC for their vision, passion, teamwork, and excellence, which are the key traits associated with the award.

“Over the years, everyone has worked together to build a great company, and great brands,” said Michael Cardone Jr. via a video address. “You serve your customers with excellence, and SRC is a steward in the communities where you operate.”

Since 1983, SRC Holdings Corp. has been helping OEMs sell parts and whole goods through custom remanufacturing programs for the agricultural, industrial, construction, truck, marine, and automotive markets. Since then, their expertise has grown far beyond remanufacturing, to include warehousing, logistics, core management, kitting and packaging, and material salvaging.

SRC Holdings Corp. founder Jack Stack and Executive Vice President Chad Myers, who also serves as a director of MERA, accepted the award on behalf of all employee owners. “At SRC, we do things differently than most manufacturers,” said Stack. “Our associates take pride in their reputation as businesspeople who understand how they can impact our customers, suppliers, and community. They work hard to continually improve the organization. Thank you to MERA and the Cardone family for this special honor.”

“It was a great pleasure for conference attendees to hear from Jack and Chad during a Town Hall earlier in the day when they shared the past, present, and future of SRC Holdings,” said Chalifoux. “Their open-book culture and employee ownership structure truly contribute to their legacy in our industry.”

In 2017, the MERA Board of Directors announced the formation of the Michael Cardone Leadership Award in honor of three generations in the Cardone family. Michael Cardone Jr. co-founded CARDONE Industries with his late father, Michael Cardone Sr., in 1970; Michael Cardone III later joined and led the family business. The company grew to become the largest family-owned remanufacturer of automotive parts in the world. Previous recipients of the Michael Cardone Leadership Award are:

  • Eugene Neugebohr, Founder, Auto Electric International (2021)
  • Michael Kitching, President & CEO, GB Remanufacturing (2020)
  • Byron Schneidman, Partner, RSM US LLP (2019)
  • Woody Knopf, Former Chairman, Knopf Automotive (2018)
  • Eric Smith, Owner, Impression Products (2017)

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