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AASA announces dates for expanded 2022 Technology Conference  

The 2022 AASA Technology Conference will be held in Clearwater, Fla., Sept. 25 – 28, and will feature both business and vehicle technology content

Research Triangle Park, N.C. – The annual AASA Technology Conference has expanded for 2022 to cover both business and vehicle technologies. The event, hosted by the AASA Technology Council (ATC) and AASA Mobility Technology Council (MTC), will be held from Sunday, Sept. 25, to Wednesday, Sept. 28.

From the future of technician training to the value of blockchain to the aftermarket to EV diagnostics in the cloud, the Technology Conference will bring together the brightest minds in business and vehicle technology for a series of cannot-miss sessions, panels and round-table discussions.  

“We are thrilled to be able to expand the reach of the AASA Technology Conference and include our colleagues on the MTC,” said Marylou Hornung, director of Sales Operations at Bendix and chair of the ATC. “This event has a history of sparking change and building relationships, and we’ll all benefit from the expanded content and ability to learn and grow in new areas.”  

“The 2022 Technology Conference will represent all important aspects of technology in the aftermarket — from the factory floor to the sensors on vehicles,” said Viswa Sankararaman, director, Marketing & Business Strategy of Robert Bosch LLC, and executive committee member of the MTC. “Vehicle technology informs business technology and vice versa. It’s excellent that we’ll be able to address both aspects of technology in one place.” 

This year’s key breakout sessions include: IT/Cybersecurity, Marketing/B2B, Digital Commerce, and Heavy Duty. Speakers and panelists will be announced soon through event updates. 

Additional information about the 2022 AASA Technology Conference can be accessed by visiting the   

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