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New feature delivers automatic failover protection for EV chargers

EV chargers can tap into 100 percent redundancy with their mobile carriers to be used by all chargers at a site

Orlando, Fla.—NovaCHARGE has announced it has completed successful pilots of a new Hot Standby feature that provides mobile network redundancy and eliminates single-point failover at the mobile carrier level. The feature enables more robust Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) communications to address the need for EV charging in fleet, workplace, public and high-density residential customers.

In the past, if the connection to a carrier degraded or was lost, EV drivers had to find another way to charge or risk being stranded. Now, if a mobile carrier goes offline for any reason, the other carrier can be utilized by all the chargers at a site. Any failover and switch to a different carrier is automatic. 

The success of the pilots in Brevard, N.C., and Orlando, Fla., assures that anyone managing EV chargers can tap into 100 percent redundancy with their mobile carriers by using the Hot Standby feature. Before this pilot, operators had a single mobile carrier and a single point of failure.

In the Orlando, NovaCHARGE replaced the single gateway in place and re-configured the city’s chargers to support two gateways, one that is connected over the 4G-LTE service to mobile carrier ATT, and a second that points to the Verizon mobile network. NovaCHARGE successfully deployed the same redundant configuration in Orlando’s Blue Jacket Park adding another layer of reliability for the city’s EV drivers.

The NovaCHARGE Hot Standby solution will be on display for customer demonstrations this week at EPRI’s Electrification 2022 Show (Booth #1323), in Charlotte, N.C.

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