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New asTech technology generates custom collision repair recommendations

asTech Insights is a generative AI product that will enhance its OEM-compatible scans

Plano, Texas—asTech, a Repairify company for remote diagnostics, calibrations, programming, and automotive intelligence for the collision and mechanical repair industries, has announced asTech Insights, a generative AI product that will enhance its OEM-compatible scans.

Through the power of AI, asTech Insights uses the results from an asTech OEM-compatible pre-scan to automatically generate custom collision repair recommendations that are specific to the vehicle and identified DTC codes. All within seconds after completing the pre-scan.

“asTech insights is not simply a database that looks up and matches a DTC code to a preset repair recommendation,” said Cris Hollingsworth, President of Repairify Global Holdings Inc. “It’s a true AI Large Language Model, trained with extensive data sets to generate a custom set of repair recommendations. It’s also capable of using context clues to detect relationships between DTCs and can use that information to determine the appropriate repair plan.”

To develop this new product, Repairify created a proprietary model using its own extensive repair and scan data. asTech Insights was trained using data from over 6,000,000 repairs and 40,000,000 DTCs, which in the equivalent of a technician training 24/7 for 25 straight years. The result is AI that thinks and provides recommendations like a technician because it’s been trained like a technician.

For shops, asTech Insights will be like having a certified technician at their side wherever and whenever they need them. Combined with asTech OEM-compatible scans, shops will be able to perform an OEM-quality scan and generate a complete repair plan in under 7 minutes.

To learn more about asTech Insights visit the asTech Booth at SEMA – Booth #34193

To learn more about OEM-Compatible Scans, read the most recent case study.

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