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Fix Auto USA owner continues legacy of military service

U.S. Marine Corps veteran Steve Springer brings his military experience and discipline to his three Northern California collision repair shops

San Jose, Calif.—When a customer visits Fix Auto San Jose, Fix Auto Gilroy or Fix Auto Sunnyvale in Northern California, they experience a focused customer service, a disciplined approach to their repair quality and a commitment to delivering on their promised repair date. Little do they know that approach is founded upon generations of military and police service.

Steve Springer, owner of these Fix Auto USA locations and the 2018 Fix Auto Franchise of the Year, grew up on military bases around the country as his U.S. Marine Corps father served his duty. He followed in his father’s footsteps, joining the U.S. Marine Corps in 1983 to become a helicopter pilot. Springer flew his AH-1W SuperCobra while stationed in Japan in 1988 and 1989, and in combat during Desert Shield and Desert Storm during 1990 and 1991.

“It was a proud time for me to serve my country. But you always carry the memory of the folks who didn’t come home. I lost 29 friends in training missions, all under 30 years old. It’s an honor to represent them in the way I run my business and in everything I do,” Springer said. “I was raised in the military, and am proud to have continued my father’s legacy of service. His father was a policeman, so it’s part of our heritage.

“There is a DNA instilled with military service that I appreciated — and still do. And, I wanted to fly so it was a great opportunity to become a helicopter pilot.”

When Springer became a Fix Auto USA owner, he found that legacy discipline and intrinsic DNA became the backbones of his business. Now a veteran-certified business through the National Veteran Business Development Council, he brings his “Semper Fi” attitude to work every day.

“In the military, there’s no whining. No excuses. No being late. It’s all about being responsible to yourself and supporting your team to accomplish the mission,” he said. “That’s the way we operate in our Fix Auto USA locations. We work hard, and all understand what is expected of us. We also believe in delivering on our promises — whether it’s our word or in writing.”

He said his military training shapes much of the work process and operations in his repair facilities.

“First, you have to set the mission and share it with the team. In the Marines, before you fly, you have a safety check, a flight plan and a focused mission. Same with our teams in three locations. We have a 7 a.m. release meeting to evaluate the work in progress, any challenges and any opportunities for improvement. We involve all of the departments, and that communication is key to getting the job done — or accomplishing the mission. It is all about a team approach.”

Springer also applies his military mindset to hiring and training his team.

“The military says give us good people with the right characteristics, and we’ll turn them into soldiers. I say, give me people with the right attitude, commitment and discipline, and I’ll turn them into repair professionals. You can learn skills, but you can’t learn a sense of duty and determination.”

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