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New technology and training available for sanitizing vehicle interiors

Dealerships and independent shops can sanitize a vehicle’s interior in minutes after maintenance and repair work has been completed

Atlanta—Contagion Busters Inc., recently formed in response to the pandemic threat, now offers auto dealerships and independent shops the equipment and training to sanitize in minutes the interior of an automobile after the maintenance and repair work has been completed and before the customer slips behind the wheel. 

The Contagion Busters process employs UV-C frequency light, the same light used in hospitals and EMT vehicles to sanitize operating rooms, patient rooms and ambulance bays. Sanitizing a vehicle with UV-C in a shop environment presents special challenges and the process must be effective and faster than an oil change, the company said.

Contagion Busters technicians identified industrial equipment capable of delivering this level of power that’s rugged enough to survive daily use in a shop environment. They upgraded components of the industrial units to deliver UV-C frequency with the irradiating power of hospital UV-C systems — systems that usually require unmanned and robotic equipment to deliver the extended exposure time necessary to assure every corner of the space has been adequately irradiated. 

The Contagion Busters hand-held lamp can safely sanitize a vehicle interior in minutes. It can neutralize pathogens as far as eight feet from the light source and, because it is aimed by hand, a trained technician can focus on critical touch points and quickly navigate any cabin configuration. Contagion Busters equips and trains shop staff to use this technology effectively and safely. They also provide shops with the media elements to explain the benefits and value of UV-C sanitizing to the customer.

James Stevens, president of Contagion Busters, said Contagion Busters UV-C sanitizing may be added to the service menu as a courtesy service or as a service option.

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