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Shop best practice list of ‘to-do’ options for slow days

Lakewood, Wash.—In light of the Covid-10 outbreak and in preparation of a slowdown, the ASA Northwest Board of Directors has prepared a best practice list of “to do” options for shop owners.

1. Start a referral program – Hand three referral cards to each customer and reward all who benefit.

2. Let everyone know that you can take payments remotely.

3. Have a plan in place to disinfect vehicles during intake and completion.

4. Clearly display how you are disinfecting customer vehicles in your reception area.

5. Review all work in progress (open repair orders).

6. Confirm the time of appointments the day before they are scheduled.

7. Confirm all appointments three days before appointment and offer concierge service. 

8. Call customers who have “special order” parts in stock.

9. Implement courtesy calls/text on all completed vehicles. Three-day checkup.

10. Call all no-show appointments.

11. Pre-schedule appointments for follow-up work, “Would you prefer your appointment in three or four months?”

12. Customer-call script, “We’ve had a cancellation, we can get you in right away.”

13. Always offer pickup and delivery service.

14. Text/email blast with compelling offer/free gifts today only. “Free wiper blades with oil service.”

15. Check for any parts that need to be returned.

16. Find oil change and service reminders ahead of due date for fleets and routine customers.

17. Offer mini- and full-health inspections on each vehicle.

18. Review previous recommendations/estimates and call customers.

19. Introduce yourself to three new fleet clients and offer pickup and delivery service with repairs.

20. Search vehicle history for X,000 miles, review history and prepare estimates for needed service.

21. Review all appointments and move them up by date.

22. Re-inspect any vehicles in the shop (have another technician perform the inspection).

23. Call body shops and offer programming/special features that you may have.

24. Make random courtesy calls (Say “Hi” to customers who have not returned in X months).

25. Encourage your employees take online training modules.

26. Call 23-month-ago repairs and discuss warranty potential. Offer free courtesy inspection.

27. Service your staff vehicles.

28. Clean and maintain hosts and lube slides as per recommendations.

ASA Northwest also recommended: During a slowdown, have a list of all shop equipment and maintenance items. Inspect, repair, or wipe down: electrical cords, air hoses, jumper cables, test leads, shop equipment, floors, garbage cans, recycle bins, work benches, drain pans, shop vehicles, employee vehicles, tire equipment, light fixtures and change furnace filters.

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