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New motor oil introduced for hybrid Mazda and Toyota models

Special Tec AA 0W-8 addresses the smaller units in hybrids, which have special requirements in terms of motor oil and are subject to more stress

Ulm, Germany—LIQUI MOLY is launching its thinnest motor oil to date on the market with the Special Tec AA 0W-8.

“It offers the absolute maximum in fuel savings and at the same time comprehensive protection for the engine,” said Oliver Kuhn, deputy head of the Oil Laboratory at LIQUI MOLY.

LIQUI MOLY Special Tec AA 0W-8 meets the latest JASO GLV-1 standard, as required for hybrid models from Mazda and Toyota. The abbreviation AA (Asia and America) in the product name indicates the vehicles.

“The Japanese car manufacturers have always been very open to fuel economy. That was the driving force behind low-viscosity oils, starting with 0W-20,” Kuhn said.

Hybrids have special requirements in terms of motor oil. Kuhn noted that although these units are smaller, they are not subject to less stress, but  more. “Such an engine often has to cope with high revs from a standstill, i.e. when cold. This opens the door for water entry. Oxidation resistance as well as heat and corrosion protection are additional parameters that are incorporated into lubricant development. As a result, the choice of additives becomes more difficult, as does the selection of the base oil. Consistent high quality is a basic requirement; the margin for tolerances is extremely small.”

He added, “0W-8 is currently the lowest viscosity class. It would be possible to go even lower, but the effort required would be immensely high. In 2015, the viscosity grades were extended downward to 0W-16 /-12 /-8 by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Correspondence in the API was not possible. This is why the ILSAC GF-6B standard was defined, which currently only extends to SAE 0W-16.”

At the same time, the Japanese Automotive Standards Organization (JASO) developed a new specification for extra low-viscosity oils called JASO GLV-1 (Gasoline Low Viscosity). It is the currently valid standard.

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