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MAHLE Motorsport introduces 94mm PowerPak piston kit for VW

Fletcher, N.C.—MAHLE Motorsport now offers a 94mm air-cooled VW piston PowerPak kit designed to pair with 94mm air-cooled Volkswagen cylinders. Available in a 2618 alloy for its high temperature strength characteristics the slipper skirt style forged pistons feature precision CNC machined pin bores and can be either notched for valve pockets or machined for a dish based on power needs and rod length, deck height and compression ratio combination. Deck heights range from 80.0mm, 84.00mm, 86.0mm to 88.0mm.

The racing kit for Volkswagen Beetles I, II and III includes a Nitrided Stainless Steel 1.2mm top ring, 1.2mm 2nd and 2.5mm oil ring set with maximized top and second ring lands and heavy-duty tool steel wrist pins. MAHLE’s piston rings deliver ring-to-cylinder sealing with low mass and extended RPM range without loss of ring stability. The steel top ring provides strength and proven performance in high boost and naturally aspirated applications.

All MAHLE PowerPak pistons are dual coated with a dry lubricant phosphate coating and the company’s GRAFAL skirt coating that reduces drag, scuffing, friction, cylinder bore wear and reduces piston noise.

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