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Free webinars: How smartphone-addicted consumer expectations will stay changed once Covid-19 passes

AppFueled CEO Jeremy Glassco and guests will discuss safety, how to provide no-contact experiences, and how no-contact requests will be more frequent

Nampa, Idaho—AppFueled, an app and software developer for auto repair shop professionals, has launched a free Covid-19 webinar series, which discusses how “smartphone-addicted” consumer expectations will stay changed once Covid-19 passes. This is part three and four of a four-part series.

Jeremy Glassco, AppFueled


Wed 6/10/20, 12-1 p.m. CST
“Social distancing will linger as a public fear & what to do to offset it”
Guest Speaker – Kris DeWolfe, automotive technology expert


A) How social distancing will impact our industry
1) What statistical consumer trends are appearing?
2) Will remote work remain popular and driven miles stay lower?

B) How to use data & software to get an edge in this new competitive landscape
1) Vehicle Data
2) Software

C) Highlight industry examples of branding at a distance
1) Smartphone notifications
2) Engaging digital experiences


Wed 6/24/20, 12-1 p.m. CST
“Connecting remotely will remain popular & how to embrace this opportunity”
Guest Speaker – Mike Kost, business coach


A) How remote consumer actions have taken off
1) Read reviews, get quotes, buy online
2) Information and call to action in remote environment

B) How to train staff to embrace and use remote tools
1) Clear scripts
2) Concise next steps and call to actions
3) Personal even at a distance

C) Highlight industry examples of connecting remotely
1) 2-way Texting
2) Live chat
3) In-app messaging

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