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Tracked Machines North America announces release of CarMover XL

The equipment is designed for service centers and body shops to move disabled vehicles, including heavy EVs, in and out of bays

Atlanta—Tracked Machines North America, Inc., has announced the North American Release of the CarMoverXL into the North American Automotive Industry. 

The CarMoverXL is operated by lithium-batteries and maneuvers under a vehicle to pick it up by all four-wheels then moves and transports the vehicle from one area to another — outside to inside a technician’s work area or from one parking spot to another.

The equipment is designed to be used by automobile dealers and repair service centers and body shops that have disabled or wrecked vehicles that need to be moved. The CarMoverXL has the ability to pick-up the heavy weighted EVs and is able to stretch-out to handle the long length of the most vehicles.

The CarMoverXL helps move disable vehicles without having to touch the vehicle or the need of entry and keys, and brings a solution to problems related to fragile vehicle components and excessive vehicle weight. This machine solves the international problems associated with towing and transporting European vehicles and EVs.

EVs do not roll because they have no ability to shift into neutral and most often do not have winch-cable connection points that allow it to be pulled onto a flatbed.

European vehicle undercarriages are made of soft aluminum or magnesium alloy metals that easily bend the vehicle frame. And EVs’ lithium batteries can be damaged by a traditional  a wheel-lift wrecker.

The CarMoverXL is adaptable to meet all different vehicle sizes that are disabled on flat-paved surfaces, and can maneuver vehicles in and out of tight areas or workspaces. Because it is electric, it does not emit exhaust or fumes, so it can conveniently be used indoors in body shops and warehouses.

The TowTrack and the CarMover XL can transport disabled vehicles up to 2.5 tons. Both will be showcased at the 2023 SEMA Automotive Show in Las Vegas from Oct. 31 to Nov. 3.

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