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New CTI+WTI learning program is greater than the sum of its parts

Advance combines CTI and WTI, leveraging strengths of each, and introduces Career Pathways to guide tech careers

Raleigh, N.C.—The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That’s the argument Advance Auto Parts is making for its new learning management system, which integrates the company’s Carquest Technical Institute (CTI) and Worldpac Training Institute (WTI).

“We’ve brought them together to form CTI+WTI,” said Lauren Beaulieu, vice president of Product and Professional Marketing at Advance. “Combining them into one learning management system enables both CTI and WTI to leverage one another’s strengths to create a more robust training offering.”

Shops that had previously gone elsewhere for training — or weren’t receiving it in the first place — are capitalizing on the new system, she added, with the benefit of customizing their individual shop training.

CTI+WTI is designed to provide training programs that grow an automotive professional’s knowledge and skills throughout their entire career using Career Pathways, which features a structured set of online and classroom events to establish mastery of technical and business competencies. They are currently targeted to the General Service Technician and Professional Technician, as well as Senior Technician, Master Technician, and a number of specialist programs.

“Combining them into one learning management system enables both CTI and WTI to leverage one another’s strengths to create a more robust training offering.”

— Lauren Beaulieu

“Career Pathways allows shop owners and managers to track the learning progress of their technicians, from an entry-level tech to a master tech or specialist,” said Beaulieu. “It’s a unique opportunity to assess where technicians need more training and where holes exist in their automotive education. Career Pathways uses a holistic methodology to build up a tech’s portfolio of knowledge and repertoire as they build their careers. It’s a more structured approach.”

Tech shortage and tech retention top concerns

Feedback from shops is informing Advance that their two main concerns are the technician shortage and how to train — and keep — the techs they have.

To assist in that regard, the company has partnered with the TechForce Foundation and has supported the FutureTech Success initiative, as well as re-imagining charter school models.

“Retention in the workforce is an aftermarket pain point, and it’s where Advance realized the benefit of combining the CTI and WTI learning programs,” she said. “It can positively impact a shop and it’s ability to keep a tech engaged with a path for career growth, rather then have them leave for a dealership or the aftermarket altogether.”

A shop owner now has the ability to show a tech a charted course for their career, step by step, Beaulieu added. When they complete one career module, they can be progressively elevated to the next one, along with the necessary training and certifications.

“It doesn’t matter if a shop is a Carquest customer or Worldpac customer, because they’ll have access to more training than they ever did before.”

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