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Legislative highlights that can impact service and repair

California Autobody Association identifies legislative bills that can help or hinder the industry

Sacramento, Calif.—The California Autobody Association has released its “CAA Legislative Update September 2021” report that focuses on bills that can have an impact on the state’s service and repair industry. Below are a few bills that CAA has highlighted. For more information or to join the association, click here.

Bureau of Automotive Repair

AB 471- Support. AB 471, among other things, allows BAR to enhance the Auto Shop Locator program by helping consumers to easily identify automotive repair dealers (ARDs) that have training and certification credentials (e.g. ASE, I-CAR); creates an independent panel to review citation appeals; provides for remedial training (e.g., “traffic school”) for ARD’s that receive citations for minor violations which will prevent the violation from being posted on the BAR website; allows BAR to certify such remedial training providers and creates the Vehicle Safety Inspection Program for rebuilt salvage vehicles. Status: Governor’s Desk

AB 220, smog check, expands exemption from current pre-1976 to pre-1983 vehicles, Status: 2-year bill; AB 467, smog check, exempts historical vehicles from smog check program, Status: 2-year bill.  

Towing and Storage

AB 294 – Oppose, unless amended. The bill treats Automotive Repair Dealer’s (ARD’s) as towing and storage yards and brings them under a new regulatory Towing and Storage Board. The bill also prohibits ARD’s from charging fair and reasonable rates for any related storage fees. Status: 2-year bill.   

Employment Bills

Concerns. AB 95, employment bereavement, 10 days employee bereavement leave without pay, Status: 2-year bill; AB 995, paid sick leave days, extends current 3 days to 5 days, Status: 2-year bill; AB 1003, makes it a crime to intentionally fail to pay employee wages, Status: Governor’s Desk. 

AB 1041, Employment leave, Status: 2-year bill; SB 606, workplace safety, Status: Governor’s Desk 

Covid-19 Bills

Support. AB 62, income tax credits for cost to comply with Covid-19, Status: 2-year bill; AB 176, Business and Economic Development, Status: Governor’s Desk; AB 743, business interruption insurance coverage for Covid-19, Status: 2-year bill; AB 247 & AB 1313, Covid-19 immunity from civil liability, Status: 2-year bills; SB 49, Tax Credits for businesses impacted by Covid-19, Status: 2-year bill.  

Hazardous Waste Bills

Concerns. AB 1 creates a new regulatory board and increases hazardous waste fees, Status: 2-year bill. The AB 1 language was amended into a budget trailer bill, SB 158 and was signed by Governor. The other hazardous waste companion bills that are 2-year bills include SB 42, Board of Environmental Safety; SB 502, green chemistry; SB 575, waste facility permits and AB 870, hazardous material.   

Career Tech Bills

Support. AB 299, career technical education apprenticeship grant program, Status: 2-year bill; AB 839, career technical education incentive grant program, Status: 2-year bill. 


SB 339, vehicles: road usage charge pilot program, Status: Governor’s Desk; Support. SB 366, auto dismantling: task force, Status: Governors’ Desk.

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